The Problems In Quality Healthcare That Everyone Should Know

There are times that you or someone in your family experiences the need for healthcare treatment. That’s because it is the only sector that provides specific assistance to the conditions you or your family might be suffering with. Since there are a lot of people who need it across all over the world, is there an assurance of getting quality care? Perhaps you already asked yourself the same question, and like you, tons of individuals also want to get the answer to that. But before you may even go through the solutions of attaining quality health services, you might at least want to know what the significant problems revolve around the healthcare system.

What Is Quality Healthcare?

Quality healthcare is the extent to which health services provided to patients desire an improved outcome. Meaning, the type of assistance given to those who are in need must follow basic standards. These include proper diagnosis, prescription of the right medication, systematic approach in therapy and counseling, affordable hospitalization and rehabilitation, conducive hospital facilities, consistent support from organizations, and many more. Through these factors, the public can have an idea of what services to look for regarding the need for medical treatment and assistance.


The Problems In Quality Healthcare

Quality healthcare receives accreditation and collaborative efforts from different sectors such as private and public. However even though there is an increment in this hard work, the healthcare system faces considerable challenges. In fortunate circumstances, the healthcare system managed to establish a growth with technological advancement. However, as they move forward to the evolution of the medical approach, some slip-ups become visible to the public eye.

Avoidable Errors – Although the healthcare system focuses on providing accurate and reliable assistance there are still some mishaps that happen almost every day. These include the preventable mistakes that healthcare providers’ make that harms the patients. There are thousands of cases that show medical practitioners’ disregarding assistance. Perhaps that is due insufficient time, energy, or understanding of the situation. The system cannot secure and prevent unpleasant things from happening to patients inside the hospital parameter as well. Though not all establishments are like that, it becomes a big deal for those who follow and don’t follow the healthcare standards.

Underutilization Of Services – In our generation, the failure to provide healthcare assistance put some patients in an unfavorable situation. Some of the professional healthcare providers seem to forget the essentials of their job. Others use the circumstance to question what it is for them to save lives. From that mentality of not gaining something in return leaves the healthcare system in a collapsible state. But people somehow do not blame these professionals who don’t participate in saving lives. That’s because society already accepted the idea that some medical professionals only offer their services to those who are either in need or with financial capability.


Medical Cost – Another thing that drives people away from proper health care is medical cost. Since technology takes its toll on the improvement of medical assistance, the rate of possibly getting better care increases in a large percentage, however, it somehow contradicts result due to the highly expensive equipment for a specific treatment. Most of the health services are considerably limited to those who can pay a high amount of prices. The reason why the poor or unfortunate ones don’t obtain the same care they deserve.

Variation in services – Variation of services is a representation of a continuing pattern of health care practice. These include the regional and small area services that people often choose to take. Compared to the local healthcare assistance, those individuals living in a deserted or rural area pretty much don’t receive better treatment. Perhaps that’s because of the geographical situation. Services vary from a community’s income capability as well. Meaning, small places or neighborhood with less number of people and generates low income don’t have enough facilities to support proper healthcare assistance.


Healthcare System Is A Mess?

People may not notice it, but the healthcare system is suffering from a spending crisis. Because it wants to provide better quality care to individuals, they began to struggle in handling the balance of financial attributes. Since the time the system requires healthcare professionals to go through all sorts of expensive licensing procedures, the standards of public safety becomes unnecessary. Everyone wants healthcare but apparently, there’s a shortage of supply, and that leads to costly services in the market place. But situations are not always like that. Before the healthcare system even starts to experience a spending crisis, some programs help out those less and unfortunate ones. But since political institutions want to use it for whatever reason there may be, it also lost the control of providing quality services and now became a state where only those who can pay can receive.


Visiting A Psychologist To Deal With Sleeping Disorders

On top of the bills, young adults have to pay and workload they have to accomplish daily, various thoughts preoccupy their minds. Problems with relationships, money, mental and physical health – you name it, they have it. These negative thoughts massively impact their lifestyle and sleep patterns. It goes to show that talking about the importance of visiting your psychologist is timeless.

Statistics from the Institute of Medicine show an estimated 50 to 70 million Americans are chronic sleep disorder sufferers, despite sleep being a necessity. It is a given knowledge that sleep is vital to anyone’s health and well-being as it recharges our brains and bodies.

Inadequate sleep has been identified as one of the main factors why car crashes occur, overall productivity decreases, and various conflicts arise. Aside from those, the American Psychological Association states the lack of it increases the risk of high blood pressure, heart diseases such as stroke, diabetes, obesity, and mental health problems.


Categories Of Sleep Disorders

  • Insomnia

It is the most common category of sleep disorder where you have trouble falling or staying asleep, which causes fatigue and leads to poor work performance.

  • Hypersomnia

It involves a person who is always excessively sleepy and tired and tends to fall asleep anytime.

  • Sleep-Related Breathing Disorder

It includes snoring, producing a prolonged sound that resembles groaning while exhaling and sleep apnea.

  • Circadian Rhythm Sleep-Wake Disorder

It focuses on conditions in which a person does not follow regular sleep times at night.

  • Parasomnia

It is where a person suffers or encounters unwanted events during sleep such as sleepwalking, sleep paralysis, bedwetting, sleep talking, and hallucinations.

  • Sleep Movement Disorder

It involves movements during sleep or before sleeping, which make it hard to fall or stay asleep and get a decent amount of it.


Serious Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

There are many symptoms and causes of each category mentioned above that medical practitioners, especially your psychologist, would go into detail. You may be asking how important it is for you to sleep usually. Some of us have just been used to sleeping late at night due to more pressing matters. Some prefer a different sleep pattern. In line with these, we’ve listed the reasons why sleep deprivation needs to be dealt with severely.

  • It has been a cause of accidents. Sleepiness has been proven to slow reaction time as much as drunk driving does. It does not only apply on the road but also at work. Studies show employees who had sleep loss and poor-quality sleep had experienced more work accidents.
  • It makes you unproductive. Sleep plays a vital role in our cognitive processes. The lack of it weakens our skills in reasoning or problem-solving and negatively affects our alertness and way of thinking. Psychologists also identified not getting enough sleep disables you to keep in mind what you learned and experienced during the day.
  • It can lead to various health problems such as heart diseases and failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and even depression.
  • It affects your physical appearance. Most people who have abnormal sleep patterns tend to lose their natural complexion. It can also lead to fine and thin lines and dark circles under your eyes, which speed up the aging look. Also, losing sleep contributes to your weight gain. Research suggests it appears to stimulate appetite and cravings for foods that are high in fat and carbohydrates. Current studies are considering whether the right amount of sleep should be included in weight loss programs.
  • It contributes to the mortality rate increase. In 2007, British researchers found those who cut their sleep from seven to five hours (or fewer) a night almost doubled their risk of death.

Why Visiting Your Psychologist Will Help You Win Against Sleep Disorders


Psychologists conduct numerous and effective therapies to help deal with sleeping disorders as soon as possible. They are experts in controlling or eliminating your negative thoughts and replacing them with more positive behaviors that help contribute to better sleep patterns. Controlled deep breathing exercises that can help sleeping become a more manageable task also involve their assistance.

It is a wise idea to have a consultation with licensed psychologists to help identify underlying stressors that may be interfering with your sleep. They will encourage you to have a look at your routines that affect your sleep and help you find alternatives. It is also vital to hear from medical professionals themselves about relaxation techniques that will help you quiet your mind before sleeping.

You may think telling people to sleep early at night, recommending songs and shows that make them sleepy and providing a comfortable bed would solve these issues right away. Since suffering from sleep disorder/s is a severe matter, serious help shall be sought.

A Quick Guide To Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Every individual around the globe needs to start following a healthy routine to ensure that none of them will experience health concerns or medical issues. Take note that discovering that you are suffering from an illness can be heartbreaking, especially if you have no idea with what to do next. At the same time, it can also be expensive on your part and your family since you have to pay for the treatment and medicines necessary for your wellness.

Fortunately, there are several ways on how you can prevent this from happening. One of which is making an effort to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is not going to be easy but with the right determination and mindset, everything can be possible. Stop thinking of self-limiting doubts and remind yourself that you are capable of doing these:


Rest If You Must

Learn how to listen to the demands of your body. Once you notice that you are already exhausted from your daily activities, make sure to take a break for a little while. Never feel guilty for wanting to rest because you deserve it. Take note that choosing not to stop for a moment can increase the stress levels in your life. If this continues to happen, there is a possibility that you will get sick. In the long run, it can make you unproductive and can result to extreme exhaustion.


 Check Your Diet

 As much as possible, be mindful about your food intake. Do not give in to food cravings easily so that you can avoid going for unhealthy meals. Instead, make an effort to follow a balanced diet at all times. You can begin your journey to wellness by getting rid of food items that are high in fats and sugar (check out the list here: At the same time, it can also be beneficial if you will start to avoid carbohydrates. Keep in mind that whatever you put in your mind can affect your body and how you react to everything around you.


Get Active

Stop making excuses for not engaging in physical activities. Instead, allocate at least thirty minutes or one hour every day to exercise. You do not need to go to the gym just to get fit. With all the latest developments in the field of technology, it is now easier to download exercise videos that you can do at home. Aside from this, you can also check fitness apps that can provide you with daily exercise routines. Make sure to be committed in becoming active to enjoy its amazing benefits.


Avoid Fad Diets

Do you want to lose weight right away? Are you looking forward to shredding off some fats before a particular event arrives? Is it your goal to outsmart your friends when it comes to fitness? If yes, then be sure to continue working hard to achieve your goals. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you can start following fad diets that are harmful for you. Remember that most diets are designed only for persons with a particular medical condition. If you are not sure about a famous diet, it is best to avoid using it until you get more knowledge concerning it.


Sleep Well

Do not forget the significance of getting enough sleep every night. The primary goal is to get sufficient sleep so that you will not feel cranky the following day. Moreover, it can also allow you to recharge your body after a very long day. One of the things that you can do is to set a bedtime schedule that you have to follow every night. Follow the said schedule religiously so that you will not miss on hours for sleeping.


Consul With A Doctor

The common misconception is that people only need to go to a medical doctor when something is wrong. Clearly, this is a wrong notion because the ideal thing to do is to pay a visit to your doctor even if you are not feeling ill. Remember that there are some sicknesses that cannot be diagnosed unless you undergo regular medical checkups. For this reason, it is highly recommended to schedule an appointment with the family doctor who can give you constant updates about your health.


Drinks Lots Of Water

Another essential thing that you need to develop as a habit is to drink several glasses of water a day. It is highly recommended to bring a plastic bottle wherever you go so that you can get water when necessary. At the same time, seeing the bottle can also be a good reminder for yourself. Every time you see it in your bag or office table, you will be reminded to drink water. Be sure to do this to avoid dehydration, which can lead to some medical complications.

Following a healthy lifestyle does not need to be complicated. Always see to it that you will be committed in following this kind of lifestyle.